About Us

Rain or Shine Golf, LLC is the brainchild of Nancy Bergeron, the owner. One day in the fall of 2017, Nancy was talking to an interior decorator friend who was telling her about a house she was doing where the owner was installing a golf simulator. This conversation piqued her interest in developing a facility where people could practice and play golf year round regardless of the weather. Being a golfer, she knew full well how conditions could interfere with the game. Too hot and humid, too cold and windy, or pouring down rain. Too many canceled lessons or tee times. So she began researching.

By the end of that year, she had talked to representatives from three major simulator manufacturers. In January 2018, Nancy and her daughter, Roberta, were invited to the PGA show in Orlando to look at simulators. She ultimately settled on the Full SwingTM brand, mainly because of the Virtual Green. But she would find out that they have the best simulators around, and they are great people to work with. She had already begun searching for a location and a building to house the simulators. She eventually zeroed in on Freedom Plaza, a new commercial development, ideally located and easily accessible.

With the help of her interior decorator friend, Denise; her architect, Judd; her all-around “Gal-Friday,” Jeanine; daughter, Roberta; grandson, Michael; son-in-law, Paul; and husband, Jan; Nancy’s dream came to fruition and opened in March 2019. The facility comprises 6,000 square feet, housing five Full SwingTM Pro-Series Simulators, and a Virtual Green. There is a beautifully decorated lounge with a fireplace and large-screen TV, a bar serving beer and wine and snacks, a large common area with tables and chairs for parties, and a fully-equipped catering kitchen for special events.

Visit us, see what we have to offer, enjoy the ambiance. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Nancy, and her crew